Meet the performers: Goda

Eros is gemaakt door zes ijzersterke performers en twee drummers. De komende periode lichten we hen uit op onze kanalen en in de nieuwsbrief. Goda  Žukauskaitė is de tweede performer die we uitlichten. Goda Žukauskaitė was eerder al te zien in Wiek (2018). 


Vervolgens was zij een van de performers in VAL (2019). Goda: “An experience with a full package of challenges which makes me break all possible limits and FALL in love with it.

Val - Bowie Verschuren

Hoe is het om performer in Eros te zijn?

“I have been in the research for EROS since the beginning of the process, so I had a chance to meet lots of beautiful women and be part of precious sharings of their experiences and wisdom. That taught me a lot, opened up my feminine side, and even allowed me to already grow into it. This process showed me how much power we carry within our sensuality and how important is to own your body and celebrate its possibility to be free. It also opened up lots of wounds I was not aware of, reminding me of the impact of suppression which we all carry for centuries. That realization called out an even bigger urge to share the power of sensuality and spread the message that it is time to crack down on the old system.”

Foto: Karin Jonkers

Goda: “The creative processes with Boukje are always filled with lots of fun and playfulness. This time the process was also very intimate and personal, Boukje completely surrender to deep research, finding new ways of creating and regenerating material. That was very special and made this process an unforgettable journey, which brought lots of hope about how theatre can become a place for transforming rituals to arise.”

Foto: Karin Jonkers
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