Erosie/ ROTOR (coproduction)

A struggle between two people and the world around them.

In a seemingly endless cycle, two men search for a way through the mountains they have created around them. Or were these mountains always there and did they later join this landscape? Are we as human beings free in our choices or are they determined by the environment in which we find ourselves?

A series of repetitive actions creates a dialogue between the environment and the human being. Just as a river or the wind influences the landscape, humans leave their traces too.


ROTOR consists of Hidde Aans-Verkade, Koen van der Heijden and Rick Busscher. The collective creates physical and visual performances with a poetic form. ROTOR seeks solace in this seemingly meaningless world and tries to celebrate life by seeking the beauty in the everyday. From this perspective, ROTOR looks at topics such as the climate crisis, heteronormativity, love, technologization and the banal nature of everyday life.

The theme of repetition is central to ROTOR’s performances: the performances often end at a point where they could start again. The starting point of ROTOR is the concept of Kung Fu, a word we know from the martial arts. It means, “mastery through endless repetition.” Based on this concept, ROTOR combines various movement disciplines such as mime, parkour and breakdance.

Erosie is a production of Veem House for Performance in co-production with Schweigman&. ROTOR is part of the talent development trajectory of Schweigman& and House Artist at Veem House for Performance.

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