Technical Manager Jurr van Diggele (b. 1973, Dokkum) studied Architectural Monumental Design at Artez College of Art in Arnhem. He started life as a master mariner and engineer, travelling extensively by land and sea before finding a home in the theatre. As technical producer, he accompanies each project from its inception to performance, supervising the composition of the technical team, preparing for tours, scouting locations, maintaining the budget and commissioning

Jurr previously worked as production manager and technical producer with G.A.N.G. art collective, as technical producer and technician with the dance company Jens van Daele and as technical producer with the theatre company Boogaerdt van der Schoot.

“My favourite show is Blaas, my first technical production for S& and an immediate success. Six years on and we are still taking Blaas on tour – these days mainly abroad – and people are always enthusiastic.

—Jurr on his favourite Schweigman& performance