Blaas - Francesco Bosso

At the back of the great hall, across a bright white floor lie a few piles of white fabric. A relatively inconspicuous stage image. Until one of the white piles slowly comes to life. With the rustle of stiff, freshly laundered sheets, the air-filled pouch of fabric expands into a big white blob that moves through space and makes contact with the audience. Blaas is a journey that explores boundaries and space, passing through, inside and out, light and dark; playful and threatening, Blaas is a magical trip, an extraordinary ballet of almost abstract configurations.

Following festival hits such as Spiegel, Zweep and Wiek, in Blaas Schweigman& and Cocky Eek present a disorientating game with our surrounding space.

Boukje Schweigman: “I fell in love with Cocky’s work at first sight. Like me, she focuses on the way the human body relates to a space or an object. Her creations disorientate, stimulate the imagination, evoke a physical response and ask questions about how and where I am in this amazing world.”

“Tender, otherworldly, explorative and extraordinary…I walked out of Blaas in a state of wonder. The world I’d left behind when I entered the show was the same, but I found that my relationship with it had changed. ”

Schweigman&’s wordless theatre immerses the audience in a poetic, mysterious universe. By stimulating and misleading the senses, the company’s productions offer a new, non-rational intuitive perspective on everyday reality.

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concept Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti, Boukje Schweigman, Cocky Eek
directed by Boukje Schweigman
design Cocky Eek
performers Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti, Boukje Schweigman, Alondra Castellanos, Eva Kijlstra, Barnaby Savage, Felix Schellekens, Jochem van Rijsingen, Sanne de Wit
music Jochem van Tol
lighting Hugo Hendrickx
technical managment Gjalt Vlam, Floris Berendse, Jurr van Diggele, Merijn Versnel
directing assistent Ellen Schuring
production management Yoni Vermeire, Yola Parie, Linda Witpaard, Vera Andeweg
assistent design Esmee Thomassen
costumes Miek Uittenhout
artistic support Theun Mosk en Loes van der Pligt
special thanks to Martine Douma, Clare Dowling, Theun Karelse, Gemma van Kruijsbergen, Sanne Leufkens, Merijn Versnel 
partners Fonds Podiumkunsten, Gemeente Utrecht, HEMbrug, Het Huis Utrecht, Frascati, Fort aan de Klop, KondorWessels Projecten


Review: Blaas (Blow)

Friday 18 May 2018 — Whatsonstage

'Receiving its UK premiere, this piece from the Netherlands is the star of Brighton Festival. (...) Cross 'swimming with dolphins' off your bucket list and replace it with Blaas: it feels rarer, and realer, somehow.'

Brighton Festival: review Blaas

Sunday 20 May 2018 — Fringe Review

'I walked out of Blaas in a state of wonder. The world I’d left behind when I entered the show was the same, but I found that my relationship with it had changed. Blaas left me feeling inspired to keep a closer eye on life’s thresholds and the choices they reveal: take a new route, explore more and reveal more.'


Sunday 3 March 2019 — High-Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles

‘You forget where you are, immersed in the experience and afterwards you may be unsure or doubt that you are back in the same place that you started from and you are asking yourself if indeed you are the same person that entered the building at the beginning.’

Festival review: Blaas

Monday 4 March 2019 — INDAILY Adelaide’s Independent News

‘Blaas prods us to question our relationship with the world around us. It provokes wonder and gives us the opportunity to sit with feelings of discomfort and uncertainty.’ (…) ‘Blaas is a trip through space and time. Enter with an open mind, allow yourself to be coaxed out of your comfort zone and go with the flow.’

Blaas by Schweigman&

Tuesday 4 June 2013 — Simon van de Berg for the newspaper Het Parool

'What makes Blaas extraordinary is the relatively explicit implication of rebirth, in a journey through the body from inside to out.

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