Puck Mathot (b. 1972, Leiden) has been Production Manager at Schweigman& since 2018. Before that she taught and coordinated projects for the Production, Design and Technology, and Scenography courses at Amsterdam’s Academie voor Theater en Dans (University of the Arts) or five years. She was also a guest lecturer at HKU’s Art and Economics faculty and coordinated the Reinventing Daily Life MA course at Sandberg Institute. She borrows from her experience in arts education in supporting new makers and groups in Schweigman&’s talent development programme.

Before her work in higher education, Puck had previously been working as Production Manager in the arts and cultural sector, with Het Lab Utrecht, and with the international site-specific theatre and performance company Dogtroep, and earlier still as executive secretary at Fonds BKVB in Amsterdam.

 “For The Time Being moved me the most: you are so close to the performers and there’s so much contact with them and the rest of the audience, I really enjoyed that intimacy. But my favourite Schweigman& show is always the next one. Teaming up again to start another exciting process, meeting again and recognising each other’s qualities: I really look forward to that each time.

—Puck Rachel on her favourite Schweigman& performance