Managing Director Rachel Feuchtwang (b. 1968, London) has been a creative producer and developer of projects and activities in the vanguard of contemporary art practice in and outside Europe for twenty years. Since 2014, she and Boukje Schweigman have been directors of Schweigman&. Alongside the day-to-day management of the company, she is also guest lecturer at Amsterdam’s Academie voor Theater en Dans (University of the Arts), where she has taught creative producing since 2013.

After graduating in Drama at Bristol University, Rachel worked as associate producer with various international artists such as Blast Theory, Robert Lepage, La La La Human Steps, Pina Bausch and Robert Wilson from her native London until 1999, during which time she also produced the international music-theatre hit Shockheaded Peter. After moving to the Netherlands, she worked in international cultural relations, as Head of Arts for the British Council in the Netherlands. She also served in various policy and advisory functions, at Virtueel Platform and the Kennisland think tank as well as advising Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunsten and Fonds Podiumkunsten, chairing the committee for international collaborations. In 2007, Rachel returned to producing working with artists and groups such as Moti Roti, Duncan Speakman, Roos van Geffen, Dries Verhoeven and Edith Kaldor.


“I have seen Blaas so many times by now, almost literally all around the world, but I could watch it a hundred times more: it’s always fascinating, it conjures up so many images and associations, it’s funny and yet also moving. Truly majestic.

—Rachel on her favourite Schweigman& performance