Sponsors and Corporate Friends

What do we stand for?
Society is under pressure. People feel increasingly stressed and sense that life is driven by external impulses. We rarely have time to take stock, so we lose touch with who we are and with each other.

In Schweigman& performances and workshops we bring people back to their core. By creating a setting in which we gently disrupt the senses and we seduce the audience to let go of certainty. We play with your perception and turn your expectations upside down.

What do we do?
Each year we create a new performance on location or in the theatre and perform shows from our repertoire around the country and abroad. We support younger associate artists by coaching them in their development as independent theatre makers. Since 2017 we have built-up a high-quality education and outreach programme with workshops and training sessions for various audiences, commercial companies and educational institutions.

Corporate donations
Companies that pay corporation tax can deduct gifts to ANBI-registered companies on their tax returns. These gifts are deductible in the year in which the donations were made. The donated sum may not exceed 50% of the company’s profit, or a maximum of €100,000. Deductions for gifts to a cultural ANBI-registered company (which is what we are) can actually be increased by 50%. So a corporation donating €2,000 to a cultural company can deduct €3,000. Note, there’s a benefit limit of €2,500 and corporate gifts must be evidenced in writing.

What does being a sponsor or a corporate friend involve?
We are happy to discuss what we can do for each other. We have many options: you can use our performances and events to invite clients to, or we can run a one-off or a series of workshops for clients or staff. You can be our guest at a première or get a back-stage introduction and tour around the set.

Collaboration is about identifying a company or group’s specific needs and the topics of concern. Our working method is always the central starting-point: from the physical body, the space, the senses and of course having fun.

Social themes

  • Work and performance pressure
  • Trust: individual and group
  • Cooperation and collaboration
  • Contact: with yourself, others and the group
  • Expectations and flexibility
  • Realising your strengths
  • Process-oriented working
  • Recognising boundaries, daring to be vulnerable
  • Fun and pleasure, relaxation and stress reduction

For whom?

  • Organisations, companies and individuals with a strong interest in social values and development, humanity and connection;
  • High net worth individuals with cultural interests;
  • Institutions interested in innovative methods and creative processes;
  • Suppliers and partners involved in production, technology, transport and catering for performances.

We’ll gladly invite you to learn more about our performances and activities, and to discuss the possibilities. For more information contact Schweigman&’s Managing Director Rachel Feuchtwang at directie@schweigman.org or call +31 (0)611 002 681.