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At Schweigman& we believe in the power of the body and intuition. With our work we pay tribute to the resilience of mankind and to the imagination. It’s by facing our fears and desires that we can explore who we are and learn how to be closer to one another. We stimulate the sense of amazement and vulnerability that enables us to approach the universal which binds us.Become a Schweigman& friend. By doing so you support us and our mission.

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However much you donate, by becoming a friend you endorse our mission – together with our other friends. Do you want to be a part of what we do? Then sign up to become a Schweigman& friend.

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Become a friend for five years (with tax benefits)

Schweigman& is a cultural ANBI registered company. Would you like to support Schweigman& for five years and receive (extra) tax benefits? Your gift is deductible if you make a periodic donation.

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Sponsors and Corporate Friends

You can use our performances and events to invite clients to, or we can run a one-off or a series of workshops for clients or staff. You can be our guest at a première or get a back-stage introduction and tour around the set.

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Do you want to be involved in a Schweigman& production? Sign up as a volunteer!

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