Talent Development

New Makers

Since 2017 Schweigman& has been supporting new theatre-makers and mid-career artists, for example performers looking to develop their work as independent makers. And because you need more than raw artistic talent to succeed, we offer an integrated combination of artistic and organisational components. Finding the balance between artistic space, disciplined working methods and a solid organisational base can be a tough challenge. We particularly encourage theatre-makers to work in tandem with creative producers, enabling them to form a strong team going forward.

Our development programme offers supervision and coaching for these makers and groups in developing their work as autonomous artists and companies. This can include offering production support for research projects and introduction to our professional networks. Our new makers can access the entire Schweigman& team for both artistic and practical support. Central to this is the process of finding a personal, autonomous theatre idiom. Many of the makers we support have a background in mime, although this is not a requirement. What we have in common is our focus on the physical and the process, as well as an affinity for the phenomenological approach.

For each group or individual theatre-maker we assemble a tailor-made programme based on their particular development needs, aspirations and the available resources.

Boukje Schweigman’s role in relation to new makers is that of mentor, encouraging the artists to maintain their focus on artistic necessity. She deliberately avoids intervening in the specific creative process; the aim is not to create Schweigman clones but to inspire and support aspiring theatre-making talent with our experience and expertise.

In addition to their work with Schweigman&, both Rachel Feuchtwang and Puck Mathot have a background in education and with training producers.

Schweigman&’s programme contributes significantly to the development of the Netherlands’ unique mime theatre tradition. Since 2017, Schweigman& has worked together with two other mime groups – Golden Palace and Jakop Ahlbom Company – and the Mime School of the Amsterdam University of the Arts (Academy of Theatre and Dance,  AHK) in the Mime Platform; a joint mission to give a new impulse to mime and to extend its reach and public profile. Although our working methods and productions differ significantly across the various mime groups and artists in the Netherlands, within the Mime Platform we share a passion for the Dutch physical theatre tradition and feel a collective responsibility for nurturing new generations of mime talent as well as developing the genre for the future.

The Mime Platform jointly organises and programmes the annual Mime Day event, working with theatres, festivals, programme makers and audiences. Venue partners include  Het Huis Utrecht and Meervaart in Amsterdam