My shadow used to have a density

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The Japanese photographer Hal has a weak spot for hyper realistic images, in which bathtubs, couples and love play a major role. Recurring themes: individuality, communication and intimacy. His work is a source of inspiration for Francesca Lazzeri [1991], who researches the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic in her breathtaking installation my shadow used to have a density.

In her newest performance My shadow used to have a density, Francesca Lazzeri explores the intimate encounter with a stranger, which provokes feelings of closeness, inaccessibility and loneliness. The short rendezvous raises questions on communication, but also challenges those involved to expose themselves. Do they have the courage to do so? Separated by a screen, making use of images, light and sound, Francesca Lazzeri lovingly demonstrates the human vulnerability.

In recent years Francesca, who graduated from the Amsterdam Theaterschool in 2016, made a name for herself with her performance collective Wild Vlees. She operates on the edge of visual art and performance art. She prefers to sink her nails into a social or political issue, which she carefully debones – until the issue surrenders. Her signature is uncompromising, uncomplicated and oftentimes physically demanding.

Attention: every encounter in my shadow used to have a density lasts for 15 minutes. During each session there is only one spectator in the room.

Concept and direction: Francesca Lazzeri
Performance: Charlotte Gillain, Anna Bentivegna, Gerben Vaillant, Rob Smorenberg, Esther Snelder en Dennis Tiecken
Creative producer: Job Rietvelt
Production: Vera Andeweg
Communication & PR: Femke de Graaf
Dramaturgy: Elowise Vandenbroecke
Artistic advice: Loes van der Pligt
Technical design: Neal Groot
Sounddesign: Luke Deane
Technic: Krzystof Burdzy

Coproduction Boulevard and Schweigman& (with support of PLAN talentontwikkeling Brabant, Fonds Podiumkunsten, in collaboration with SPRING Festival, Festival Cement, Workspacebrussels and Kunstencentrum De Vooruit)

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