Professional development for groups and businesses

One of the responses we often get after a Schweigman& performance is: “I’ve got to bring my team here. Do you do corporate trainings?” Schweigman& performances touch a universal chord which resonates in people’s professional and private life. We can tailor programmes with or without performances to meet a company or group’s needs or relating to specific themes. All our programmes are based on our method: body, space, senses and pleasure.

Why a Schweigman& programme?

Working as a team is not always a given. How do you combine forces as a team? How do you deal with work stress? How do you signal your boundaries? Some things you can’t put into words. Long-term processes, indefinable factors – these are felt rather than spoken. In our training programmes we tackle situations without using words: we experience what happens in theatre exercises and physical assignments, both for individuals and in teamwork and reflect in the group on what has taken place.  This offers fresh perspectives on the organisational capacity and relationships within the team. Team members experience when and how they can work to their own strengths as well as recognising the individual and collective strengths (and needs) of the team. This helps build trust, stimulates involvement and reduces tensions. All training programmes are adapted and modified according to the  specific themes and  issues at play within the group or company.

Themes we regularly work with

  • work and performance pressure
  • trust; individual and group
  • collaboration, sharing control
  • making contact; with yourself, others and the group
  • managing expectations and flexibility
  • empowerment enabling
  • process- driven working
foto: Moon Saris

What does a Schweigman& training programme look like?

Team building:

A workshop, team day or process is developed in joint consultation with the company using Schweigman&’s strengths and skills: based on the body, the senses and perception: how does a particular situation affect me and my team?

Team leaders get to know each other in different ways through interactive, physical workshops and discussions and learn to see themselves and the organisation in new ways. Individual and collective strengths and drives are examined through play.

The workshop can be combined with one of Schweigman& performances. For example in Wiek we highlight how to relate to your environment  and how to deal with the societal pressures of perpetual motion in time, processes and perceptions of progress.

Performance plus theatre-based workshop:

This programme offers an introduction to Schweigman& and to theatre-making in general and the distinguishing features of Schweigman’s work in that wider context . We can tailor the practical or physical nature of the workshop according to the specific needs or wishes of the group. This programme can also be linked to a current touring production or presentation.


Schweigman& has developed training programmes with and for a wide range of groups and businesses, including the Centre for Social Work and Healthcare for Children and Families in the Kennermerland region (Centrum voor Jeugd en Gezin Kennemerland)  and the National Association of Haptotherapy (Vereniging van Haptotherapeuten).

We also work with other cultural organisations, for example in the last few years we have been working regularly with  The Wild West (Het Wilde Westen)  a neighbourhood and community arts organisation in Schweigman&’s homebase Utrecht, and we are constantly exploring new possibilities.

Interested in working with us on a training programme? We also welcome proposals from schools, youth or community groups and businesses and could be tailored on a case-by-case basis.

If you would like to explore these and other possible partnerships please contact us.

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