Val workshops 2019

Falling as a phenomenon

The subject of Val touches on a number universal themes: the ground giving way under your feet, losing your balance, the fear of falling (or failing), not wanting (or being able) to fall any further but trying to climb higher, keeping up. And what happens if we’re not ‘grounded’ enough? Have we failed if we present ourselves as vulnerable? Can we afford to appear vulnerable in today’s prestige-focused world?

“The students were really enthusiastic, practically raving about the performance and workshop!”

– Sacha Janatti, , Drama teacher and CKV, Oosterlicht College Nieuwegein


What do we do?

During the workshops we will be doing some physical work with balance, trust, keeping up, letting go, falling. We explore the sensation of an incredibly heavy body that can barely stand up, or a body that is so light it almost floats away. And how does it feel to be completely grounded? In a playful way you will discover how it feels to stop defining and rationalising and focus on your body and what you’re experiencing.

The workshops provide an active insight into the Schweigman& method using the following starting points as basis:

  • the body, senses and space
  • perception and experience
  • research and process


  • Physical and sensory theatre workshop

A physical theatre workshop, before or after the performance. Participants learn about Schweigman&’s physical and sensory methods. They receive the same training as the company’s own performers and are challenged as theatre-makers to create their own scenes using the phenomenon of the fall as starting point, á la Schweigman&.

Duration: 120 – 180 minutes

  • Mini theatre-making process

In this one-day course you get to know the phenomenological working method and we end with a presentation. The workshop can take place before or after the performance. We take a phenomenon – in this case the fall – and peel away its layers until we get to the very essence of its matter. This peeling process takes place through research in the studio and through collective philosophising about what we discover and experience. The physical and sensory experience determine the content and the process. There is no predetermined script.
We continue as theatre-making participants, which means we have to create our own settings through improvisation assignments. Key to this creative process is that not knowing can be just as fruitful and that choices only become definitive at the end of the process.

Duration: a full day, exact times in consultation.

For whom?
• Secondary school classes (4,5 & 6) of all levels.

• Further and Higher Education arts degree students and/or those studying courses related to the themes of Val or relevant to our working method.

The workshop is taught by a theatre studies teacher. The level and focus of the workshop can be set according to each group of participants. We also offer pre-show and post-show talks accompanying the performances of Val.

Val performs at eight theatres across the Netherlands from 20 September 2019.