Please note: the Winterschool activities will be given in Dutch.

 ‘How did you come up with this?’ A question many people ask themselves after visiting a Schweigman& production. Come and take a peek behind the scenes during our one-day or three-day masterclass the Winterschool, 11, 12 and 13 March. Learn in a playful way to let go of reasoning and to trust your body.

Why take part?

Although you may not consider your daily activities as creative, you spend a large part of the time creating something. Whether it concerns an ambiance in your own home, a product or service at work, or a relationship with the people around you. How do you stay creative in these processes? During the master class you will train your ability to accept that some processes do not work out as planned, and learn how to transform this into a strength. Follow your intuition and remain receptive to ‘that which presents itself’, as Schweigman& does when creating new work.

Two options are available:


1) Winterschool Basis on Wednesday 11 March

Learn more about the vision and working methods of Schweigman& with plenty of opportunity for questions. We link this theory to elementary (game) exercises through which you will experience the working methods at first hand.

Who for? Anyone who is interested in Schweigman& theatre performances.
Where? Het Huis Utrecht in Utrecht, Boorstraat 107, 3513SE Utrecht
How? Buy your tickets now (€45) at

2) Winterschool Intensive on Wednesday 11 March (Winterschool Basis) + Thursday 12 March & Friday 13 March.

In the Winterschool Intensive we go deeper into creative processes and how to use your body and intuition. We train you to embrace the ‘not-knowing’ and get to work with both performing and making work, following the methods and vision of the company. We make the connection to relate this to your own work or personal life: how can you use this method to connect more with your yourself and your surroundings?

Who for? Anyone who thinks our working methods could be useful in their daily life. This could be for example professionally practicing performing artists, but could also be teachers, therapists or managers. In our opinion it is relevant for anyone and everyone to learn to trust their intuition, senses and body.
Where? ‘Het Huis Utrecht’, Boorstraat 107, 3513 SE Utrecht
How? Maximum 20 participants. In order to have a varied but balanced group we will be selecting participants in advance, based on their motivations.

To apply, please e-mail before 1 February 2020 and describe in a few sentences why you think the Winterschool would be of value to your daily (working) life. Costs: €195. We offer a discount (€170) for (nearly) graduating students and professionals who have graduated less than two years ago.

Schedule Winterschool

Schweigman& Basis – 11 March

Wednesday 11 March 13:00 – 18:00
13:00 Doors open
13:30 Welcome
13:45 – 15:15 Physical workshop

Experience the physical theatre performance style of Schweigman&. This workshop contains elemental exercises that characterise the Schweigman& working methods.

Theatre and/or acting experience is not required.

Boukje Schweigman & Anemone Oostvriesland.

15:30 – 17:00 Lecture / Q&A

The experience of the audience is of great importance to the Schweigman& company. Boukje Schweigman and Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti (mime performer and maker at Schweigman&) share their ideas about the experience of the spectactor, their sources of inspiration and the ins and outs of the working methods of Schweigman&. During the lecture there is plenty of opportunity for questions

17:00 – 18:00 Drinks



Schweigman& Intensive course – 11, 12 and 13 March


Wednesday 11 March 13:00– 18:00
See Schweigman& Basis


Thursday 12 March: 9:30– 18:00
09:30 Doors open
10:00 Masterclass: Experiencing and playing
This part of the Winterschool focusses on the ritual features of our performances in which the experience of the visitor or participant is of key importance. On Thursday we invite you to get in touch with your own creativity using various techniques; from Kung Fu to sensory stimulation exercises. Wake up your senses and set your body in motion!With plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion, and finding the connection with your own (work) practice.Trainers:Boukje Schweigman & Anemone Oostvriesland
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Masterclass continues: Experiencing and playing
17:00 Wrap-up


Friday 13 March: 9:30– 18:00
09:30 Doors open
10:00 Masterclass: Creating

On Friday we actively make the translation to your own daily (working) life, using in-depth exercises in which the listening body is turned on and creativity can flow. The next step is to transform what you have learned into an experience. You create an experience for one person or a small group, in which the experience and exploration of the audience is central.

13:00 Lunch
14:00 Masterclass continues: Creating
17:00 Wrap-up and close of the masterclass


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