How intensely do you experience colour? Colour as a phenomenon which you don’t just see, but which totally absorbs… Spectrum is a spatial installation that makes colour tactile and tangible. Escape the mundane. Dare unreservedly to fall backwards into a black hole and reawaken in an infinite spectrum. An immersive experience which will give you a whole new perspective on your everyday life.

Following Blaas and Curve, Spectrum completes a triptych centred on white space, each piece created with spatial designer Cocky Eek. In Blaas you crawl through an inflatable balloon; in Curve you enter an endlessly spiralling tunnel. Spectrum starts by asking: how can we make the colour spectrum physically tangible? A joint project involving Matthijs Munnik, a light artist with an extraordinary sense of colour, and composer Yannis Kyriakides (Val), who turns the sound composition into a spatial experience.

Schweigman& has always touched a universal human chord throughout these past seventeen years. In a world saturated with stimuli and information we risk losing touch with what may be our most important compass: our body. Schweigman&’s work focuses the senses, perceiving with the entire body and so intensifying our engagement with the world around.

Spectrum will try-out in June 2020 (more details will follow) and premiere at Theaterfestival Boulevard (6-16  of August 2020, première 6th of August). Tour includes Glow Eindhoven (7-14 of november 2020) and Over ’t IJ Festival in Amsterdam (July 2021).

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