Donating with tax benefits

Donating with tax benefits

Would you like to support Schweigman& for five years and receive (extra) tax benefits? Your gift is deductible if you make a periodic donation. This is a gift specified in a donation agreement in which the donor undertakes to donate a fixed amount in at least five annual instalments. The more you donate, the greater the tax benefit.

Schweigman& (Stichting Stuim) is a cultural ANBI registered company. This means that a gift can be as much as 125% deductible on your income tax return: in effect, your gift is worth 25% more, without you having to pay anything extra. Depending on your overall income and your age, an annual gift of €250 may produce the following net benefit (see table below).

Schweigman& is not required to pay tax on gifts received.

What does Schweigman& receive?

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* This is what you declare to the tax authority

** On gifts without a contract and below the threshold

In other words: with a contract, a gift of €250 costs just €95.

How to donate with tax benefits
A donation agreement or contract is easily arranged and free of charge. Fill in the contract form (pdf) and the direct debit mandate (pdf), sign them, and send them to us. You’ll receive a completed, signed copy in return. You determine how much you give, and in how many instalments. The agreeement ends on the date you stipulate and will not be automatically extended.

Gifts without a contract
Gifts that aren’t specified in a contract are only 125% fiscally deductible if the total amount of your donations to cultural ANBI companies is above a minimum 1% of your income and at least €60. Everything you give above this is 125% deductible, to a maximum of 10% of your income bracket. Would you like to know if you are eligible for a tax benefit? Check the Dutch tax authority (Belastingdienst) website or use this handy calculator.

Schweigman& in your will?
A special way to give is in a bequest: a specific sum or percentage of your estate donated in your will. Are you thinking about remembering Schweigman& in your will, or would you like more information then we’ll be glad to help. Send an email to and we’ll be in touch.

For more information about gifts and fiscal benefits check out the Dutch tax authority Belastingdienst website. If you have other questions, send an email to Puck Mathot at She can explain it clearly and succinctly.