Marinke Eijgenraam

theatre-maker / performer / dancer

Marinke graduated in Modern Theatre Dance in 2009 and from the Mime School in 2016 (AHK). In 2017 she presented her performance/installation Connotatie at the Over Het IJ Festival in Amsterdam in coproduction with Schweigman&. In Connotatie the audience was invited to view abstract images of people and nature through giant fish-eye magnifying glasses. In 2018 she worked with students from the Modern Theatre Dance course on the production Human Behind Human. In February 2019, she visited Dakar to immerse herself in and research the Senegalese Sabar dance and music.


Marinke is currently working on two projects within the Schweigman& talent development programme.

 Tu peux pleurer | a journey of learning and inspiration in Dakar, Senegal

In March, Marinke visited Dakar (Senegal) with Wiek dancer Luana van Eekeren and For The Time Being and Dreef performer Ivar Schutte to explore Sabar dance: an exuberant, vibrant dance that radiates positivity and energy. Back in the Netherlands, she is finding ways to use Sabar dance and its accompanying traditions to inspire Dutch society. Is there something missing in the way we celebrate positive emotions and energy in Western Europe? And can we express the questions this raises physically through performance?

In Ogenschouw – een bedrieglijke belofte tot gronden | Atelier Oerol and Over het IJ Festival

Living in a world of thoughts, impulses and constant stimuli, Marinke Eijgenraam wonders whether she still ever experiences the actual, tangible world: “Am I still grounded in my surroundings, in the soil on which I literally stand with my own two feet? Or are am I rooted in the intangible world of my thoughts?”

In Ogenschouw – een bedrieglijke belofte tot gronden follows the visual exploration of Connotatie, in which Marinke Eijgenraam searched for the expressive potential of a series of images in a non-causal narrative. This time, In Ogenschouw takes her and her team and the audience on a search for the meaning of the concept of ‘being grounded’ in modern society. Is it easier to be grounded in an urban environment which we have built together with our own hands to meet our own requirements? Or is what we call the natural world by definition the place where we feel most grounded?

Marinke Eijgenraam
Opleiding Moderne Theaterdans, AHK
Performer in
Wiek, Zweep, Spiegel, Tussen
In collaboration with Schweigman&
Connotatie (2018), Tu Peux Pleurer (2019), In Ogenschouw (2019)
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