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Eros – Club Dox
Coproduction DOX and Schweigman&

No matter if you are a man or woman, every human being is brought to life in a female body. Eros will be a ritual in which a group of young women dive deep into the body and confidently, make the pleasure of sensuality their own again. Detached from all entrenched ideas about femininity and gender stereotypical sexual norms.

Female sensuality is an overwhelming force. In history it has often been experienced as threatening, with suppression as a result. The power of sensuality is not necessarily about sex, but many women do not dare to live this power to the fullest for fear of being misunderstood. Sensuality is often confused with sexuality and still remains shrouded in taboo as a loaded subject.

In Eros, DOX and Schweigman& create a ritual in which a group of women make the celebration, the joy of sensuality their own again. Exploring the lust for life. Can we go beyond the cliché image and give sensuality the space it deserves?

Eros – Club Dox
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