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Ever thought after seeing one of our shows “I really have to get my students or colleagues to see this”? That’s possible. Group visits to Spectrum are available in July and September 2021. Spectrum adheres to current corona guidelines (masks, ventilation, plexiglas screens).

How intensely can you experience colour? Colour as a phenomenon which you don’t just see, but which totally absorbs… Spectrum is a spatial installation that makes colour tactile and tangible. Escape the mundane. Fall backwards into a black hole and reawaken in an infinite spectrum. An immersive experience which will give you a whole new perspective on everyday life.

Spectrum is available for bookings in June, July and September 2021 for groups of students, or work outings. Spectrum is suitable for 14 persons per booking and lasts around one hour. If your group is larger, we can run the installation a second time or as often as needed. Our address is Locomotiefstraat 8, Utrecht; 1 x Spectrum costs €350. For multiple bookings the price is lower.

Why Spectrum?
– To get to know yourself better and the world you live in. Spectrum is a sensory experience that continually stimulates different feelings and associations.
– To enable you to focus totally on what you really feel and experience in your body. What’s happening in your body? Are you feeling tense? Do you feel the space opening? Do you feel lost or do you feel free?
– To allow you to experience an individual journey and at the same time a collective experience. To discover by sharing with each other that we can each experience the same stimulation in a different way.
– or as Avro/Tros wrote after visiting Spectrum: ‘You’re immersed in such intense colours that you totally forget where you are. An equally intense soundscape by Yannis Kyriakides heightens the effect and lets you to float through time and space. An excellent way to (literally) lift you out of your corona dip and leave all of 2020’s misery behind.’

Want to know more?
Send an email to Puck Mathot at stating your preferred time and day, and the number of participants in your group. We’ll be in touch as soon as possible to discuss the options.

“It’s wonderful to experience something special again”

Specific corona guidelines for Spectrum
Because members of the audience need to keep 1.5 metres apart during the performance, special measures have been taken to enable people to attend the show safely. Masks are distributed and there are plexiglas screens. The installation is in a huge empty warehouse, with ample ventilation.

Want to book a group, but at a different time?
We also offer additional physical workshops and training courses outside our performance schedule. Our training courses help you relax your cerebral rationale and trust your body.

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